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FINALIST –┬áBest Content Marketing Video Series

Hollyweb Festival Official Selection - The Principal
Filmed in Utah Award Nominee 2015


A series presented by Bullfrog Spas


An endearingly humorous web series that chronicles the life, loves, times, and trials of Principal Gary J. Foote (Eric Artell) of Brookfield High School, his more-than-capable assistant, Billie Gene (Manon Mathews), staff and students.

Watch as Principal Foote enlists the most popular kid in school, Calvin Brady (Marcus Johns) to inform his attempts at wooing the lovely Miss Gene. All the while Calvin is becoming Dr. Foote's protege as he attempts to discover ways to win the heart of Chun Li (Lana McKissack), the most adorable nerd ever.

The Principal made its debut on YouTube on October 8, 2014 and continues to release new episodes every Wednesday.


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