Dr. Gary J. Foote

Principal, Brookfield High School

Principal Foote is a brilliant and simple man. He excels at everything nobody else is interested in. He wants about what everyone wants in life: happiness, love, waffles, perfectly-formed balloon animals and an understanding PEZ dispenser with whom he can converse.

Billie Gene

Assistant to the Principal

Miss Gene, as Principal Gary calls her, lives at home with her mother, who doesn’t make her pay rent. Like so most millennial young adults, she’s chronically underemployed for someone with her quick wit, beauty and capable nature. She needs a new job so she can afford her obsession with vintage dresses.



Calvin Brady

Student and Basketball Team Captain

Calvin is your typical piercingly handsome, calmly wise-beyond-years, athletic… Ok, he’s atypically and annoyingly awesome. However, he’s hiding something, deep within there’s a geek-hero waiting to win every video game, critique the feasibility of every sci-fi film’s premise and find geek love.


Chun Li

Star Student and Principal’s Pet

Chun Li’s parents, Rob and Holly, are from Cleveland. They met at an arcade. Chun is a straight-A student and hopeful valedictorian who shares Principal Foote’s affinity for geekdom. Somewhat ironically, she has a strong sense of justice and is an expert martial artist trained in several styles of Chinese kempo.



Mrs. Reilly / O’Reilly

Cheer Coach / Nurse

Mrs. Reilly is a star member of the Brookfield staff and one of Principal Foote’s favorites. Her drive to succeed is fueled by an insatiable need to be seen and heard. But alas, Mrs. Reilly runs afoul of district HR and student relations rules in the name of winning.  However, in a brilliantly orchestrated career move, she dons a mysterious wig, exotic accent and accompanying pseudonym and jigs her way right back into her former job.


Mr. Mumford

Art Teacher

Mr. Mumford has several loves in life: art, beards, long boards, fine hardwoods, old sweaters, vintage colognes, indie bands that have only recently sold out, and not so secretly, Mrs. Reilly. He is a seriously struggling artist moonlighting as a teacher at Brookfield High in order to pay his Huckberry and Beardbrand bills.