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The Principal is a comedy web series airing on YouTube and other online outlets. Season 1 (12 episodes) originally aired begininng weekly on October 8, 2014.

The Principal chronicles the work, life and misadventures of the endearingly-unaware high school principal, Gary J. Foote (Eric Artell), his dashingly styled assistant, Billie Gene (Manon Mathews), along with the eclectic staff and students of Brookfield High School.


Gary is quite smitten by his daringly glamourous and hip assistant, Billie Gene. Billie, on the other hand, is uninspired at work and entirely apathetic about her job and boss. Yet something about Billie is intriguing to Gary and he is full of hope that somehow they will be a match.


Perplexed about a lot of things, including how to win Billie’s heart, Gary devises a plan to enlist Calvin Brady (Marcus Johns), the heart-crushing captain of the basketball team, as his TA. He supposes, probably rightly so, that Calvin will be able to teach him all things about how to win a lady’s heart.


Unknown to Gary, Calvin also desires mentorship. He’s an extremely popular student who could have his pick of almost any girl in school, except one, Chun Li (Lana McKissack). She’s comic-book cute, uber-intelligent and a principal’s pet. Calvin volunteers in the principal’s office to learn from Gary all he can about how to be a geek and get noticed by Chun.


Production Information

The Principal is produced by Bullfrog Spas, a leading manufacturer of high end portable hot tubs and pool-related accessories.


The Principal is co-created by Samson Madsen and Jake Ricks. It is written and directed by Samson Madsen.

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